Kickstarter Campaign Launched!

kickstarterBe sure to check out my kickstarter campaign to fund my new art book, HEROIC PROPORTIONS: The Art of Michael Champion, A Book of Heroic Illustrations! This is a YOU tell ME what to draw book! Lots of great rewards, a 100% fan chosen book of art!

He is The Watcher on The Wall…


…and now he can be on YOURS! Available for the first time online, you can pick up my original art print of Jon Snow at this link on my Ebay Store! Can’t catch me at a show? No problem! Orders yours now and have Jon shipped right to your home!


Winter’s Coming, but you’ll be safe with Jon Snow manning the walls of your castle!


#thewatcheronthewall #gameofthrones #jonsnow


Comicpalooza this weekend!!!

comicpaloozaBe sure to come see me this weekend in Houston at Comicpalooza! You’ll want to be sure to pick up the following prints and get them signed me (the artist), and:




I’ll be at Booth #1020 all four days! These prints will go fast, so come see me early!


Comicpalooza VIP print of Jack Harness/John Barrowman!!!

12x18CaptainJackHarknessSmall1Any Dr. Who/Torchwood fans out there? Then you won’t want to miss out on picking up your VIP tickets for Comicpalooza in Houston, on May 23-26, and get your Jack Harness/John Barrowman VIP print that I did for the show! Get it signed by the actor, then swing by my table and get it signed and framed by me!

UPDATE!!! Appearing in St. Louis this weekend!

TheThingUPDATE!!! I’m at table C59 in the back corner of Artist Alley. Cause, ya know they put the cool kids at the back of the bus!!!

Blowing into St. Louis to burn that town to the ground Macready-Style! Because…dat beard…dat hat…

Check out the links to the right for Epic Studios or Bad Boys of Art for Event Info, or go here:

See ya there!!!

Spring Break!

WonderWomansmallSyriosmallJust finished up six shows in a row, and am now on Spring Break. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows at Dallas, Stephenville, Pensacola, Richardson, Waco and Kansas City! I’ll be in the studio for the next few weeks cranking out new stuff for the next round of shows. Be sure to follow me on Facebook for more current updates (links to the right). As a sneak peek of some of the new stuff to come, here’s my new prints of Wonder Woman and Syrio Forel, from Game of Thrones, with colors by the always awesome William Anderson. They’ll be available at the next live appearance. Hope to see you there!

Go, Go Power Rangers! This weekend in Richardson, TX!!!


Come see me THIS WEEKEND in Richardson, TX at the Dallas Comic & Pop Expo at the Richardson Civic Center! As part of your purchase of the Morphenomenal Pass, you can get this combined print of Walter Jones and David Yost as the Black Power Ranger and the Blue Power Ranger! Also available as individual prints. I’ll have the usual dog and pony show going on at my table, so don’t miss it!