Year’s End…

The end of the year is upon us, and as I’ve finished up the grueling 2011 convention season, I’m now in studio until early next year, finishing up outstanding commissions and projects, and getting new product ready for next year. 2012 will see not only a massive expansion of the print line, but also publication of many of the oustanding sequential work I’ve had on the burners, including Legend of the Red Reaper in early 2012, Zombies of Sherwood in the Spring, and The Crusade hitting later in the year. And while you’ll still see new superhero art, expect to be bombarded by A LOT of medieval/fantasy art, including original characters, as I shift back towards my true artistic passion…epic historic fiction!

So as I say goodbye to 2011, let me leave you with a little glimpse of the pencil roughs of one of the new prints debuting in January…KILL THEM ALL!!!!

Be ready to GET MEDIEVAL in 2012!


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