Debuting this weekend at the Steel City Con in Monroeville, PA…SPARTACUS (as portrayed by the late Andy Whitfield)!!! This is a collaboration between me (lineart) and William ‘PsychoSlaughterMan’ Anderson (colors), and will be the first color variant of this piece, the other to be completed by award winning colorist Jeff Balke!

The story of Andy Whitfield’s battle with Hodgekins/Lymphoma cancer is a tragic one. Struck down at an early age, while on the cusp of hitting it big with his role of the title character in AMC’s Spartacus, Andy waged this battle with all of the grace and courage of the larger than life character that he brought to life. Towards the end, Andy gave AMC his blessing in recasting his role so that the series could go on. Next up in the Spartacus line with be Andy’s worthy successor, Liam McIntyre, who is doing a fantastic job carrying on the legacy that Andy started.

Andy’s last episode was the Season One finale titled ‘Kill Them All’. This piece is in tribute to the courage with which he faced his last real life battle…


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