Mad Hugh Retrospective…

MadHugh2A few years back, I participated in an anthology called A Fistful of Comics, which sprang out of Mark Millars Forums. It was an ambitious project, multiple writers and artists from all over the world, throwing together a collection of short stories in about a month’s time. No editor was involved, once you were chosen, the work you submitted was what was printed. If you had typos, poor quality images or text, it got printed and your name was on it. It had varying levels of quality to it, and the stories ranged from 2-5 pages each. My own submission was 3 pages, and was based on a true account of a knight, known only in the history books as ‘Hugh Lo Forsenet’ or ‘Mad Hugh’, who held a tower during the siege of Antioch for 4 days by himself. I thought it was a fascinating little footnote in the larger story of the First Crusades, a part of history that I’m still, slowly but surely, adapting into a graphic novel. Mad Hugh was my opportunity to test the waters, to see if a historic fiction tale of knights would be well received in this world of spandex clad superheroes. It was challenging to tell a story in three pages, and it came across a little more encyclopedic than I had wanted; it was difficult to get readers emotionally invested in the character in such a short amount of time. Nevertheless, I received a lot of praise for the book, and requests to see more. The following few years have seen me bogged down in the neverending battle to keep the bills paid, and The Crusade graphic novel is a work that has seen many delays, and been put on the back burner for a bit while I finish up another project, Zombies of Sherwood. But never fear, my tale of Western European Knights embarking on one of the greatest adventures in the history of man WILL see the light of day. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy a look back at the first published sequential work associated with the project. Hugh’s story will be expanded upon in the larger work, but please feel free to print these pages and share them as you will. And by all means, let me know what you think and if you’d like to see more!



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