UPDATE! All Kickstarter books now to include COA’s and personalized sketches!


Hey, Champ-Fans! Here with an exciting update for the kickstarter book! I’ve partnered with Genuine COA who will be witnessing my signing of all of the books purchased via the kickstarter campaign, which will now come with a Certificate of Authenticity to add one more little level of collectibility to the book. AND, I’m going to include a quick sketch on the inside cover of each book purchased at no additional charge to help personalize your book even further! So far, it looks like the book will be including final art, rough pencils and head shots of the following characters:

Batman Heroes & Villains
The Avengers
Fellowship of the Ring
80’s Fantasy Characters
Pulp Heroes

…AND a sneak peek at characters from my upcoming Zombies of Sherwood comic book! So what are you waiting for? There’s still some great characters to choose from, and you get art from the book starting with only a $5 contribution!



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