Save a Starving Child!

Have you contributed to Tell Me What To Draw yet? You haven’t?!?!? What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know that with a donation of JUST ONE DOLLAR, that you’ll feed a starving child, help rescue an abused animal, and bring about World Peace? Well, not really, but you will be contributing to a damn cool book of art!

ALL art books ordered through the Kickstarter campaign will be signed and witnessed by Genuine COA and will include a certificate of authenticity and a FREE original sketch on the inside cover, in addition to other rewards associated with the contribution level you choose. So get to it! You just had a pay day, and there’s only 18 days left! Art makes the entire wold a better place!

Characters currently chosen by contributors:

Batman Characters
Avengers Characters
Fellowship of the Ring
80’s Fantasy Movie Characters
Pulp Heroes

Get original line art similar to these past works I’ve completed…



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