He is the Watcher on The Wall…

…the shield that guards the realms of men!

Season Five of Game of Thrones may have just ended, but Lord Commander Jon Snow is still on duty in my Ebay and Etsy stores, available on the links to your right. This piece will be appearing later this year in the official HBO Game of Thrones Compendium, at which time it will be discontinued for sale on my sites. So GET YOURS NOW!!!
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2015 Updates!

IMG_2323Hey, Champ-Fans!!! Sorry for the delay in between posts, the holidays absolutely destroyed my production schedule over here, and I’m working hard to get things back on track. I’ll be posting updates to the kickstarter book on my facebook page (see link to the right), so be sure to follow me there. Turns out I have a plethora of ginger heroines showing up in the book without me realizing it! Red Sonja, Black Widow, Ygritte from Game of Thrones, Batgirl…well played, kickstarter backers! I’m looking at doing a major release of the book at the end of April and throughout May, so stay tuned for info about the book tour.

Some other cool projects have cropped up during the new year, again, be sure to follow me on facebook. There’s a story behind the above image, something I’m really excited about that’s happening in April.

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable New Year, now…LET’S MAKE SOME ART!!!!

Holiday Sale!

I’m currently having a Holiday Sale over on my ETSY page. All prints are 25% off the listed price between now and Dec. 15th. Go order now so I can get it shipped to you in time for Christmas!



Almost done…

…with this batch of convention appearances, that is! Sorry for the lack of updates, the travel has been taking it’s toll. After I get past this weekend’s show in Allentown, PA, I’ll get a good, beefy update out here to bring all the new fans up to speed on what all I’m working on.

And for those you following the progress on the kickstarter book, it’s coming along. More updates on that after this weekend.

Everyone stay warm and make it through the arctic blast!JonSnow12x18Small

Klytus, I’m bored…


I’ll be flying blind on a Hawkman Rocket Cycle down to Laredo this weekend for the South Texas Collector’s Expo. Upgrade your tickets to VIP and get my Flash Gordon and Dale Arden prints, along with some other great goodies, then swing by my table #15 in Artist Alley to purchase Ming to complete your set. Watch out for Lizard Men and security sweeps by War Rocket Ajax!
…and remember, we only have 14 hours to save the Earth!

We’re Making Books!!!

IMG_1517Production has officially begun on the successfully funded Kickstarter book!

Pictured here is a sneak peek at the cover layout. In the coming weeks, I’ll be showing off continued production updates that will include teasers of the art that will be included in the book (those backers who got to choose a character to appear in the book will get private previews of their art as it’s completed).

From the beginning, it’s been my goal to place in your hands a professional, hard bound quality book that you’ll be proud to show off. We now have ISBN’s registered for varying formats: hardbound (the first print run that’s going out to all kickstarter backers), a softcover edition for when the hardcovers run out, and ebooks for the Kindle, Nook and Ipads. Also, we’ll have the book available for ordering through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other outlets.

And for those who missed out on the kickstarter, don’t worry. You’ll have a chance to preorder the book around the holidays, so you can secure your hard back copy. Once the hard backs are sold out, the only versions that will be available will be the soft covers and the ebooks.

This is a real book, folks. The first of many to come…

Now Featuring an Introduction by actor Manu Bennett…


This is it, folks! Down to the last 2 days of the kickstarter campaign, and I’ve got some exciting news to share!

You know him as Deathstroke from the Arrow TV Series.

You know him as Azog the Defiler from The Hobbit Trilogy.

And you know him from AMC’s Spartacus TV series as the Champion of Capua…Crixus, the Undefeated Gaul!

That’s right, actor Manu Bennett has agreed to write the introduction to the kickstarter book Heroic Proportions: A Book of Heroic Illustrations!!! So here’s what we got going on…

The book will be hardback with 40-50 brand new original pieces of finished art chosen BY  YOU, including various pencil sketches and headshots.
You can choose from over 300 characters for me to draw.
Introduction by actor Manu Bennett, with cover art featuring Manu as Crixus from Spartacus.
Each book ordered through the kickstarter campaign will be signed by me with an accompanying certificate of authenticity from Genuine COA.
Each book ordered through the kickstarter campaign will include a FREE sketch on the inside cover.
I will be donating 50-100 books to a children’s charity or children’s hospital (TBD) on behalf of all backers, as well as possibly doing some charity signings/donations with Manu (TBD).
There’s options to receive the original art from the book.

Understand that I rarely, if ever, do commissions at shows anymore. I rarely, if ever, do commissions in between shows anymore. I’m either too busy at shows, or too busy with professional gigs in between shows. So this is one of the only ways currently to get original pieces of art from me, and to be able to contribute on what’s going to be a really fantastic book. You have a little over 48 hours. The gauntlet has been thrown. This doesn’t happen without YOU.

Now…SHALL WE BEGIN???? Go to:

http://www.TellMeWhatToDraw.com and make it happen!