Now Featuring an Introduction by actor Manu Bennett…

This is it, folks! Down to the last 2 days of the kickstarter campaign, and I’ve got some exciting news to share!

You know him as Deathstroke from the Arrow TV Series.

You know him as Azog the Defiler from The Hobbit Trilogy.

And you know him from AMC’s Spartacus TV series as the Champion of Capua…Crixus, the Undefeated Gaul!

That’s right, actor Manu Bennett has agreed to write the introduction to the kickstarter book Heroic Proportions: A Book of Heroic Illustrations!!! So here’s what we got going on…

The book will be hardback with 40-50 brand new original pieces of finished art chosen BY  YOU, including various pencil sketches and headshots.
You can choose from over 300 characters for me to draw.
Introduction by actor Manu Bennett, with cover art featuring Manu as Crixus from Spartacus.
Each book ordered through the kickstarter campaign will be signed by me with an accompanying certificate of authenticity from Genuine COA.
Each book ordered through the kickstarter campaign will include a FREE sketch on the inside cover.
I will be donating 50-100 books to a children’s charity or children’s hospital (TBD) on behalf of all backers, as well as possibly doing some charity signings/donations with Manu (TBD).
There’s options to receive the original art from the book.

Understand that I rarely, if ever, do commissions at shows anymore. I rarely, if ever, do commissions in between shows anymore. I’m either too busy at shows, or too busy with professional gigs in between shows. So this is one of the only ways currently to get original pieces of art from me, and to be able to contribute on what’s going to be a really fantastic book. You have a little over 48 hours. The gauntlet has been thrown. This doesn’t happen without YOU.

Now…SHALL WE BEGIN???? Go to: and make it happen!


UPDATE! Children’s Charity Donation, only 4 days left!


I’ll be donating 50-100 copies of my book of heroic illustrations to a children’s charity or children’s hospital on behalf of all backers if we can get the book funded in the next 5 days. Included in the book are concept designs of my upcoming Zombies of Sherwood book, like the picture shown here, along with original art pieces chosen BY YOU!!! This book only happens with your help! Some come on and…


Tell Me What To Draw!!! Children’s Charity Donation!

Okay, folks, we’re down to SIX days left!!! If you were thinking of contributing to my kickstarter hard bound book of art, this is your last week to do it! Im gonna throw this out there to give you some added incentive…if we make this happen, I’ll donate 50-100 books to a kids charity or children’s hospital, on behalf of all of the backers of this project. So, for the children, let’s make this book of heroic illustrations happen and put some cool art into the hands of some kids who need some heroes! I’m putting out the call for you to stand by my side. Now…

…Who’s with me?!?!?

Save a Starving Child!

Have you contributed to Tell Me What To Draw yet? You haven’t?!?!? What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know that with a donation of JUST ONE DOLLAR, that you’ll feed a starving child, help rescue an abused animal, and bring about World Peace? Well, not really, but you will be contributing to a damn cool book of art!

ALL art books ordered through the Kickstarter campaign will be signed and witnessed by Genuine COA and will include a certificate of authenticity and a FREE original sketch on the inside cover, in addition to other rewards associated with the contribution level you choose. So get to it! You just had a pay day, and there’s only 18 days left! Art makes the entire wold a better place!

Characters currently chosen by contributors:

Batman Characters
Avengers Characters
Fellowship of the Ring
80’s Fantasy Movie Characters
Pulp Heroes

Get original line art similar to these past works I’ve completed…


UPDATE! All Kickstarter books now to include COA’s and personalized sketches!


Hey, Champ-Fans! Here with an exciting update for the kickstarter book! I’ve partnered with Genuine COA who will be witnessing my signing of all of the books purchased via the kickstarter campaign, which will now come with a Certificate of Authenticity to add one more little level of collectibility to the book. AND, I’m going to include a quick sketch on the inside cover of each book purchased at no additional charge to help personalize your book even further! So far, it looks like the book will be including final art, rough pencils and head shots of the following characters:

Batman Heroes & Villains
The Avengers
Fellowship of the Ring
80’s Fantasy Characters
Pulp Heroes

…AND a sneak peek at characters from my upcoming Zombies of Sherwood comic book! So what are you waiting for? There’s still some great characters to choose from, and you get art from the book starting with only a $5 contribution!

He is The Watcher on The Wall…


…and now he can be on YOURS! Available for the first time online, you can pick up my original art print of Jon Snow at this link on my Ebay Store! Can’t catch me at a show? No problem! Orders yours now and have Jon shipped right to your home!


Winter’s Coming, but you’ll be safe with Jon Snow manning the walls of your castle!


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