Back in action!

Welcome back old fans, and welcome to new fans that I may have met at the recent Dallas Fan Expo back at the end of October! Just throwing a quick post out here as I get the art machine back up and running, which includes not just making new art, but managing all the various social media and web platforms that fell by the wayside during the pandemic hiatus! So bear with me as I slowly get things moving again as we start to close out 2022, and let’s get ready for some new stuff hitting…well, the obvious answer is 2023, but my excitement always gets the best of me, so let’s say LOOK FOR NEW STUFF BEFORE THE YEAR’S OUT! Hoping to find new ways to engage more with everyone, and offer new items along with the stuff you already like. So watch this space, or whatever space you normally see me on, and be ready to GET MEDIEVAL! AGAIN!